About Us

What is the Smarter Ag® platform?

The Smarter Ag® platform provides plant science researchers with a data management infrastructure that will organize data from many disparate streams in a cohesive way for more robust analysis in a secure framework that allows collaboration, simulation, and publication.

Smarter Ag® provides opportunities to create a personalized profile and use the site to facilitate your research. You can create a unique space, called a Group, where conversation and data are shared. You can invite fellow researchers or students to your Group and share ideas through many features.

If you need image processing and analysis of large amounts of data, you can use online simulations readily available on Smarter Ag®. Tools run as small apps in your browser and are powered by a sophisticated cyberinfrastructure. This system runs transparently in a scientific computing cloud that taps into Purdue University and other national grid resources. You can create your own Tool or use a Smarter Ag® Tool.

Once the data has been analyzed, you can share findings on Smarter Ag® as a Publication. This step-by-step process walks you through publishing research products, including datasets and white papers. Through Publications, all published research will obtain a a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).