Smarter Ag™ Workflow

Many research projects involve a lot of communication and collaboration between team members. If your team would like to simplify, they way the communicate and use only one location where everyone can share ideas, discuss concepts, analyze data, and publish, then use the Smarter Ag™ Workflow.

Engage the Community

Once you have created an account on Smarter Ag™, you have the opportunity to customize your profile and dashboard area. You can share a brief biography about who you are, your education track and research initiatives you are currently working on. Consider modifying your dashboard, a space that only you can see, to set up the workspace you need. Use your dashboard to investigate Smarter Ag™, and start engaging with your community through Forums, Collections, and Open Groups.

Create a Group

A Group can be a private or open space for you to collaborate with your research cohorts. Any Purdue faculty member, graduate student, or staff can log onto Smarter Ag™ and create a Group. You can even invite collaborators from other institutions, who will get an email with a link to join your Group if they do not have an account on Smarter Ag™ yet.

Collaborate with Your Group

Create a unique space, called a Group, where conversation and data can be shared. You can invite fellow researchers to your Group and exchange ideas through the many features available inside the Group. Once you create a Group, by default you have the following in your collaboration toolkit:

Announcements: A way for Group Managers, the Group’s lead members, to share news and relevant information.

Calendar: Share upcoming events or milestones through the Group’s Calendar.

Collections: Post resources or videos for Group members to read or view in Collections.

Forum: Have a question or idea for your Group to discuss? Forums is a perfect place to chat between Group members and not have to worry about a long email thread, but don’t worry; you can have comments sent to your email if you prefer to be updated once a new comment is published.

Projects: Working on a new funding proposal with only a few Group members? Use Projects to share files and create “to-dos” to manage the workflow of a particular task that does not involve your entire Group.

Resources: Create Datasets or Tools straight from the Group. This will allow all Group members to be the authors of the Resource once it is published.

Usage: Track your Group’s accomplishments. This feature is perfect for teams who need to report their activity to a supervisor or for a grant.

Wiki: Articles that can be written by Group members. A great tool if your Group needs to edit a wiki and share multiple versions.

Files: Store datasets and materials through Files. Create a folder structure to keep your files organized and manage any stored data.

Activity Feed: Check in with the latest changes to the Group.

Group Pages: Advertise the Group’s goals and achievements for the rest of the community to see or use Group Pages to share images and diagrams.

Analyze Your Data

If you need help with image processing and analyzing large amounts of data, you can use online simulations available on Smarter Ag™. Tools run as applets in your browser window and are powered by a sophisticated cyber infrastructure. This system runs transparently in a scientific computing cloud that taps into Purdue University and other national grid resources. You can create a Tool or use one of Smarter Ag™'s Tools.

Publish Your Data

Once you have analyzed the data and worked with cohorts, you can share your findings on Smarter Ag™ as a Publication. This step – by – step guided process walks you through publishing research products, including datasets and white papers. Through Publications, all published research will receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).