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About the Group

Public Description

4myhr is a website for Marriott employees. Marriott owns the website called 4myhr. This website is to the data management for hotels of Marriott.

Log in into 4myhr

* Get EID and password

* The form for user Id and password is shown

* Enter the details and get access to it

Benefits of Marriott Employee in 4myhr

* The longer the work for a brand, the number of vacations increases.

* Discounts will be given to the employees

* On vacations, huge savings on food.

* Coupons and discounts will be on shopping

* Night stays are cheaper

* Availability of rooms is High.

4Myhr EID Registration

The features enabled on dashboard are for exchange

The vendors get servings for Marriot international

You need to be a vendor, franchise, contractor for partner of Marriott

Get a 4myhr EID registration done

Some of the types for the registration are below in 4myhr

* Vendors

* Canadian Marriott Associates

* Canadian Franchisees

* International Associates

* International Owners

* Consultant Contactors

* Consultant Owners

* North American Associates

* North American Owners

For more information please visit: www.4myhr.com