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About the Group

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Miocado is an employee  portal which can be used by Ocado group employees. The miocado portal also provides option to view their eligibility for any additional benefits. The employees can also check bonuses if any. The main objective of miocado.net portal is to maintain the payroll of Ocado organization. The main work of employers is to update the payroll details to the portal and after the completion of uploading process, the employees can view their payslips digitally. There is also any option provided at Miocado.net portal to print the payslips. The Ocado paystubs can be viewed at any time and 24 hours round the clock. The employees can also interact with the other employees and also their superior authorities and can clarify their doubts if any. The Ocado employees can keep in mind that the sessions of miocado should be logged out after each and every successful login attempt.The login to the portal requires prior registration and if the employees fails to register at the portal, then he can not view the payslips online. 

for more information go to : www.miocado.net