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    HOW IS A TITLE WINNER PAID? - Online gambling and lottery income are not tired in South Africa, unless they develop from activities that are "organized and carried out in such a way that they eventually become a company that continues with the aim of earning income", according to Stephan Spamer, a supervisor at the office tax department ENSafrica law

    Spamer explained that the South African Income Solution (SARS) "does not collect taxes from average passengers on profit bets when they take part in betting transactions for entertainment and disruption". This applies whether you win the Lottery, choose the winner in Durban in July or reach the target in the gambling company slot.

    Even if gambling is an ordinary recreational activity, or you are trying to beat an opportunity, you are not considered a betting expert, unless there is clear evidence that you are in a commercial betting business, or, when it comes to airports, for example, you make a living from bets and bet yourself. If you are a specialist bettor, you are tense on your income, but you can also assert your losses.

    Such as city bets, competitor payments and cash rewards that are directly related to work experience income tax obligations. So it is an honor to win competition among workers for ideal efficiency, for example, it will certainly be taxed, while cash prizes in office drawings, which are for pleasure and have nothing to do with your duties, will certainly be considered resources in nature and also won't be tense.

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