Free computer graphics: resources and tips

What is a computer graphic and how is it made?

A writer knows how to write your essay, but digital artist should know what is a computer graphic.

A computer graphics is a particular communication format, which allows combining images with texts to make the contents more attractive.

Those who know what a computer graphic is and how it is made are clear that they can include texts, photos, illustrations and even graphics that can help the public to interpret it correctly.

Infographics have revolutionized the Graphic Design sector and are widely used by companies from different sectors, but especially those from the journalistic area. Since we live in the world of immediacy, where contents must be synthesized and digested quickly, infographics allow to transmit different messages to be understood and assimilated with a simple glance.

What is the value that a computer graphics brings to the information?

When we seek to communicate a message, whether for a university paper or a professional project, we can use many strategies at the visual and written level. One of the most popular at present is the creation of computer graphics, which allow us to show certain contents in a concrete and dynamic way so that they are more interesting and attractive.

How to make a computer graphics online?

There are several online infographics that circulate in the virtual world, because for some time now many entities or websites have chosen these resources to present any kind of information in a more dynamic way. For those who are not completely clear, an infographic is a visual resource that summarizes different data explaining them by means of bullets or graphics that are easy to assimilate.


Before starting the elaboration process, you must be clear about who is the audience you want to address. Knowing this information will allow you to start designing an outline with the most relevant data to be included, which will undoubtedly offer you a much more accurate and organized way of working.

Once you have defined what you want to communicate, to whom and what information you have available, you will be ready to start working on the first sketches of your infographic. In this instance, you may find it useful to take into account the following recommendations. 

>> Data selection. The less data the better; therefore, it is recommended to select only the information that is really important. When looking for information, you must choose reliable sources. Also, a detail that should never be overlooked is to mention the original source of the information.

>> Simple design. The aim is to make it a visual resource that is easy to understand, so you should use simple graphics or illustrations that are as clear as possible, otherwise they may be lost in a sea of information. Those who work in this area recommend limiting the size to 735 pixels.

>> Answer the question "why". Every good computer graphics is an answer to the question "why". The function of the graphics or bullets should be to answer this question. Try to make the final result as small as possible so that it can be shared easily.


Finally you have clear what you want the final result of your infographic to be, now all that remains is to make it a reality. The good news is that there are a number of websites that will make this last step easier for you - check out the best ones!

What are the best sites for making free computer graphics?

Since it allows mixing elements of different nature, computer graphics is an excellent resource to present diverse topics in a creative and original way. When it comes to creating one, it is difficult to create a suitable format and layout for those without design skills, but fortunately there are now digital platforms that can do all that work for you. Here are the 4 best pages for making free computer graphics:

1. through this platform you can find a great variety of pre-established templates that you can edit to create the infographic you want. It's a very easy to use tool and has hundreds of elements to customize your creations.

2. Canva Infographic Maker: it is a free platform that allows you to perform all kinds of design tasks, including computer graphics. It contains hundreds of icons and images to use and also a great variety of typographies for the texts we want to include.

3. this site contains one of the most complete pages for making infographics, offering a great variety of styles, graphics and images to include in each creation. It also allows to upload images and videos, so it is ideal for the realization of projects.

4. Piktochart: this tool specializes in computer graphics, reports and presentations. It contains a very easy to use editor that allows you to change the layout and colors, as well as to add images, graphics and maps to all the pre-established templates.

5. ChartsBin: ideal for computer graphics design amateurs. With this tool they will be able to create interactive infographics or geographic maps in a very easy way.

6. more than 35,000 designers make up this community that contains free tools to design different types of computer graphics.

If you already know what a computer graphics is and how it is made, do not waste time and start evaluating which of these tools to make free computer graphics suits you best. Get out all your creativity and don't settle for a result that is not unique.

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