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    Creative First Date Ideas: Ping-Pong

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    If you want to plan a great date, it’s always a good idea to include a fun, relatively inexpensive activity to get her blood pumping.  Another date activity we’ve had success with is ping-pong. Look for places to play at your local sports centers, arcades or gyms. (Even if you own a ping-pong table, we recommend you take dates outside the house when at all possible; it helps the dating process stay more exciting and fun for both of you in the long run.)

    Seemingly simple on the surface, ping-pong is actually one of the great first 10 dates you can on with a girl because:

    • It requires both of you to move around and gets her blood pumping – Any activity that has her hitting things (other than you!) and letting off steam is good.

    • It has an element of friendly competition which sets up good opportunities to make her laugh – like teasing her when she misses an easy shot. Sometimes a disapproving raised eyebrow is all you need to make her crack up. (On the subject of teasing her, if she says “Hey, that’s mean!” then laughs and hits you playfully, you’re doing it right. If she says, “Hey… That’s mean…” and pouts, well, congratulations, you’ve Identified someone who probably has Low Self Esteem and can’t take a joke! It might be best for your mental health to delete her number and go meet more women ASAP.)

    • It’s relatively inexpensive – We like to keep our first 10 dates with a girl under $20-$30. If she likes you, she could care less about how much money you spend (as long as she’s having fun). Not only that, keeping early dates inexpensive protects you by driving away gold diggers! What a sweet deal!

    • It’s easy to stop and leave if the date turns sour or gets boring – An important aspect of any early date is cultivating the ability to walk away… Both mentally through Abundance Reality, as well as logistically by planning quick, fun, inexpensive activities like this one. Keeping things light, fun, interactive (no movies, concerts or plays!) and focused on an external activity prevents the stereotypical awkward dinner dates where neither person is really having fun.

    Recently, I was on a date with an attractive, self-employed young blonde I had been seeing for several months when she mentioned how we always do fun stuff together. I followed up and asked her which three dates with me she liked the most. She said, “Cooking spaghetti, playing frisbee in the park… And ping-pong! Ping-pong was the best!”

    So there you have it.

    Give the ping-pong date a try. Keep it light, playful, funny and Be Amazing.

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