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Gensys Infocare is committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction to its clients. We operate 24×7 and are available to assist you with your business requirements according to your time zone. Back-Office supports Are Not The Main Functions Of An Organization, But To Manage An Organization Of Courses Are Required. From The Beginning, We Have Re-Deployed To Provide Services To Our Clients In Various Industry Verticals. We offer a simple and secure access to data without hardware to buy and no hidden costs. Our back-office solutions are accurate, inexpensive and customized according to the specific business needs of our customers. From the complex workflows to perform simple that all operations. For each service, which transform the rear of the load percentage, special resources, systems and benchmarks require actual delivery.

Our back office services support are:


-Current account.

-Asset Management.

-Document Management.

-Data mining / harvesting.

-Build Database.

-Data Analysis.

-Direct Mail Campaign Notifications.


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Location : Gensys Infocare Pvt Ltd, Sco – 14 Kalgidhar Enclave, Baltana Zirakpur. 140603(Punjab)

Call now:- +91 9779740070

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