Agro Base

08-16-2016: At a time when AgroBase and E-Brida were both being evaluated Randy Herban reported: “April, The technical team met yesterday and we feel either product would be able to be utilized for plant breeding, but not for core data storage. From our standpoint, they are functionally equivalent. As such, the question is to you on which package we should proceed forward with. “

08-17-2016: Ed Stanisz reported on the current AgroBase install: “I have 60 day and they can extended it if needed. I have asked for 50 concurrent license. I am requesting DB from ITAP on our cluster. So maybe up and running by next week.”

08-19-2016: Adam Brooks chimed in with: “While I do have some reservations about directly accessing a proprietary database that may change without notice, there does not seem to be a better solution. So from that perspective, there is no difference between E-Brida and Agrobase. Agrobase did have the field planner which seemed to match Katy’s requirements, but I do not know if that is enough to sway April’s decision one way or another.

Our next course of action is for April to either decide whether E-Brida or Agrobase will best fit the needs of her plant breeders. If neither of these options will work, then she needs to provide us with other systems to investigate.”

Torbert Rocheford had a copy of Agrobase but did not seem to be doing much with it. This was perceived as non-recommendation of the product.

At some point we realized that AgroBase would cost at least $50K for the first year.

After this we started developing test cases in order to evaluate programs. Agrobase was at this point put off to the side and dropped.

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