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Rick’s report to April on 11-07-2016

No. Not useful for us. But it is an interesting technology and system which would help farmers become ‘smarter’. As far as I can tell their software ‘dashboard’ reports information and analyses from all of the sensors that they provide. In other words you would install, say, the weather station, the canopy temperature measuring device, the camera and the soil measuring units. You would then log into their dashboard and see how your field is doing. All your data is stored on their servers in, presumably, a safe manner.

But there does not seem to be a way to import other sensor data nor manual measurements.

I find their SmartField FIT camera to be interesting. Mount it high above your fields and then it revolves around snapping photos. The distortion on the pictures is high but given the static position of the camera it should be possible to compensate for this. The crops at the far end of the camera range get a short shrift but if you were growing the same variety everywhere then the data you are really looking for is a general overview of how all of your plants are doing instead of specific ones.

Anyway, while I think that their system could be useful to farmers I see nothing in it for us (aside from the sensors themselves).

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